STULZ Water Treatment by Culligan

Mixed Bed Deionization (DI) provides high purity water quality  specified for STULZ Ultrasonic Humidification Systems

  • Portable Exchange Deionizers (PEDI) and total water systems serviced by 700+ Culligan dealerships throughout North America
  • STULZ RO/DI by Culligan assures third party certification of industry standards and complete end-to-end solutions from a single source


  • STULZ Demi-Cabinet enclosures for unitary RO and/or DI applied to small capacity and light commercial humidifier applications

Skid Mount RO/DI

  • Culligan High Purity Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant preconditioner for large capacity humidifier applications
  • CHP-250 to 8000 GPD RO/DI packages include prefiltration, storage, repressurization, UV sterilization, monitoring and start-u

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